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A team of real estate brokers combining expertise and working to collaborate.

Myriam and Steve

Équipe Roux et Bachand is a dynamic team specializing in real estate for over ten years. As passionate and experienced brokers, we are here to represent you and make a difference in your real estate transactions. Our extensive market knowledge allows us to offer you a service tailored to your needs and desires.

We specialize in various real estate fields, including residential, commercial and income properties. We aim to provide top-quality service, offering valuable advice and acting professionally, inspiring confidence and satisfaction.

We create a comfortable and seamless real estate journey through teamwork and respectful communication. We are committed to being with you every step of the way, providing personalized advice and customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

We are perfectly qualified to guide and support you in achieving your real estate goals, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and our experience as investors.

We provide an optimal experience by utilizing state-of-the-art tools, innovative technologies and an extensive network of trusted professionals. We are committed to making your real estate journey a positive, rewarding adventure, focused on building a long-term relationship of trust and giving you peace of mind.

Équipe Roux et Bachand is committed to bringing your real estate projects to fruition and making your experience with us exceptional.

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Our Team

A team that puts you first.

Myriam Roux

Residential Real Estate Broker

Myriam Roux possesses leadership qualities and practices active listening…

Steve Bachand

Real Estate Broker DA approved

Steve Bachand is an outstanding team leader and real estate broker…

Anne-Marie Bussières

Residential Real Estate Broker

Anne-Marie Bussières is part of our experienced team in the field…

Émily Pichette

Residential Real Estate Broker

Émily Pichette is a dedicated and passionate broker…

Annie Charest

Real Estate Broker

Annie Charest is an exceptional professional in real estate…

Malorie Gaudet-Blain

Residential Real Estate Broker

Malorie Gaudet-Blain is a determined real estate broker. Her exemplary availability…


Director of Marketing

Émy is a dynamic and dedicated professional occupying…


Administrative Assistant

Angélique, one of our administrative assistants, is a person…


Administrative Assistant

Marie-Honoré is an outstanding administrative assistant. Her high level…

a Property

Explore, find and buy a home you love. Our dedicated team will make your purchase easy.

Your Property

We know the market inside and out, so we can give your property the exposure and visibility it deserves to ensure a successful transaction.

à notre équipe

Au cœur de notre culture d’entreprise résident la constance, la loyauté et le plaisir. C’est en cultivant l’esprit d’équipe et en adoptant une approche collaborative que nous atteignons l’excellence.



With her leadership and active listening skills, Myriam Roux is recognized for her ability to inspire and motivate her team members. She encourages her colleagues to do their best and reach their goals. Her caring and constructive approach fosters a positive and stimulating work environment.

She also has a strong capacity for innovative and creative problem-solving. She quickly develops unique and appropriate solutions thanks to her strategic thinking and deep understanding of client needs.

Myriam’s sense of integrity and professional ethics are highly valued. She ensures that all decisions are fair and is always transparent in her interactions.

She is proactive, brings colour to her clients’ projects, and is determined to get the best for them. She’s persistent and tenacious, willing to do the impossible for her clients. Her real added value lies in her distinctive personality.

In a nutshell, Myriam is determined to achieve optimal results for her clients and her team.

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Steve Bachand is an outstanding team leader and real estate agent who encourages his colleagues to grow professionally and reach their full potential. Passionate about real estate, he inspires those around him to persevere in their work.

Steve understands our clients’ needs and guides them through real estate decisions with a caring and empathetic personality. He also strives to solve the most complex real estate challenges and firmly believes that the measure of success is the sale of a property and the client’s satisfaction. That’s why he strives to provide superior service.

His professionalism and patience make him a reliable partner. His remarkable real estate skills continue to impress those who work with him. Steve can build strong relationships with his clients so that he can understand their unique needs and provide them with the most appropriate advice.

Over the years, he has gained access to exclusive opportunities for our clients by building a solid network of contacts in the real estate industry.

Simply put, Steve is a consummate professional widely admired for his commitment to his clients and team. His dedication and expertise in real estate make him a true asset to the industry.


Anne-Marie Bussières has been part of our experienced real estate team for seven years. She is passionate about her work and takes pride in performing her duties with diligence and accuracy.

Her commitment to integrity and honesty is invaluable. She always ensures that our clients are provided with accurate and reliable information, thus ensuring a lasting relationship of trust.

True to her reputation as a consummate professional, Anne-Marie leaves nothing to chance. She is detail-oriented and goes to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of her real estate transactions is meticulously handled. No detail escapes her attention, assuring our clients that their projects are managed carefully.

Professionalism is evident in every aspect of her work. She is always well-prepared and presents an image that inspires confidence. Her in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector enables her to anticipate our clients’ needs and offer them solutions tailored to their requirements.

In short, Anne-Marie is a valuable member of our real estate team. Thanks to her seven years of experience, rigorous work ethic, integrity, attention to detail and remarkable professionalism, she makes a significant contribution to our company and ensures the satisfaction of our clients.


Émily Pichette is a dedicated and passionate broker who puts her heart into her work. Her desire to help others and her loyalty to clients make her a valued team member.

Since beginning her real estate career, Émily has been committed to providing superior service to all those who choose her as their agent. A natural empath, she strives to understand each client’s unique needs to provide customized solutions.

Reliable, efficient and loyal, she makes it a point to honour her commitments and keep her word. Her loyalty to her clients has never wavered, and she goes the extra mile to help them achieve their real estate goals.

Émily is an ambitious individual who constantly sets new goals and implements strategies for their achievement. She is always looking for ways to improve, whether by learning about the latest trends in the real estate market or developing her negotiation skills.

In summary, Émily is a dedicated, loyal agent passionate about her work. Her constant availability ensures a positive experience for her clients, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to provide quality service. With her determination and commitment, she is destined for an exceptional career in the real estate industry.


Michael Rochefort has a friendly personality and a passion for sales. He’s determined and driven to succeed, which makes him an exceptional salesperson.

Since joining our team, he has committed to customer satisfaction. He quickly connects with clients, putting them at ease and building trust with his warm personality and positive attitude. Michael’s ability to listen carefully to his clients’ needs allows him to provide them with the most appropriate solutions.

More than just a good salesman, Michael is constantly striving to improve his sales skills and knowledge. He stays abreast of the latest trends and strategies, helping him stay competitive. He also helps strengthen the team and creates a collaborative work environment by sharing his knowledge with his colleagues.

Simply put, Michael is a valuable member of our team. We’re proud to work with him and look forward to his future successes.


Malorie Gaudet-Blain is a determined real estate broker. Her exemplary availability and perseverance will ensure you a diligent follow-up. Rest assured that throughout your transaction, she will be there to guide you and represent you. She is willing to go to great lengths to ensure the success of your real estate transaction. Whether you’re selling or buying, she will do everything in her power to bring your project to fruition! Malorie is always seeking new challenges and will leverage her expertise to ensure a smooth transaction process. In summary, her authenticity and zest for life make her a highly regarded member of the team.


Émy is a dynamic and dedicated professional who works as Director of Marketing on our real estate team. She perfectly embodies the super-assistant role essential to her team’s success.

She strives to develop the full potential of each team member and is committed to collective goals. Émy is a meticulous person who goes over every detail with care. She makes sure that nothing is overlooked and that everything is checked correctly.

She easily connects with our clients, who adore her and see her as a benchmark of professionalism, thanks to her warm personality and natural ability to build relationships. Highly competent, Émy inspires confidence and goes out of her way to make each client feel listened to and heard.

She is committed to making your property shine by highlighting its assets and promoting its unique features.

Émy is a true pillar of our real estate team. She is an outstanding Director of Marketing because of her passion for work, professionalism, and drive to exceed expectations. We are grateful to benefit from her expertise and determination.


Administrative Assistant Angélique loves taking on new challenges and ensuring every task is done right.

She is ambitious and will do anything to push her limits and achieve her goals. Her determination and perseverance are key to her success, and she will stop at nothing to move our team forward.

Angélique is known for her seriousness and professionalism. However, she also has a good sense of humour, which brings fun and lightness to our work environment and strengthens our cohesion and team spirit.

Her work is meticulous, reflecting her commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Her attention to detail and professional rigour do not go unnoticed, and all our team members appreciate her impeccable work.

In short, Angélique is an exceptional administrative assistant determined to overcome difficulties and get the job done right. Her seriousness and attention to detail are balanced by her fun-loving spirit, creating a pleasant and dynamic working atmosphere within our real estate team.

Marie-Honoré Tossou

Marie-Honoré is an outstanding administrative assistant. Her high level of attention to detail allows her to perform her work with remarkable precision. Her unwavering concentration enables her to stay focused even in the busiest situations.

In addition to her exceptional focus, Marie-Honoré is very conscientious. She takes it upon herself to respect deadlines and deliver impeccable work.

Along with her attention to detail and rigor, she is also highly committed. She shows great dedication in all the tasks entrusted to her. Always ready to provide support, she doesn’t hesitate to take on additional responsibilities to complete all the assignments given to her.
We are fortunate to have such a conscientious and dedicated collaborator that we can rely on.


Annie Charest is an outstanding real estate professional with 15 years of experience. Our clients value her enthusiasm and determination.

Annie’s work experience is second to none, thanks to her unique resourcefulness. Her expertise in farm, country property and land projects, coupled with her passion for these sectors, is reflected in the results she achieves.

She is a recognized team player, both with clients and colleagues. She understands individual needs and quickly finds the perfect solution through active listening. Her warm approach, radiant personality and boundless energy make her a partner of choice.

Annie’s extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market enable her to provide invaluable advice and thoughtful answers to all questions related to real estate transactions.

In short, Annie is an invaluable member of our team. Her passion for all real estate sales projects allows her to build lasting relationships with our clients and guide them to success.


As a valuable real estate team member, Nick Gervais stands out for his exceptional skills and dedication. Since joining us, he has developed active listening skills, which allow him to advise his colleagues and make the best of every experience.

He is passionate and fully invested in his clients’ real estate projects. He always ensures their needs and goals are respected, treating them as members of his own family. His philosophy is simple: no pressure, always friendly and willing to provide all necessary information.

Nick proactively researches and gathers relevant information to advise our clients. He understands that knowledge is essential to properly guiding real estate clients, so he leaves no stone unturned.

In short, Nick is an exceptional and trustworthy realtor whose skills have been developed through careful listening, empathy, the ability to treat clients like family, and a constant willingness to seek the best information.